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Restaurants and dining at Na'ama Bay

After a hard day on the beach or in the sea you need to fuel up and there have never been more options available than there are today for restaurants, cafes and fast food in Na'ama Bay.  As well as the international offerings of each of the resort hotels there are also a myriad of choices along the main road in the village behind the bay.

The main choices are along the King of Bahrain road, Malek Al Bahrein, which runs parallel to the Pedestrian Road and southern part of the beach.  From outside the Tropitel Hotel at one end of the road through to the Maritim Jolie Ville Resort at the other end are 10s of amazing restaurants running the range from international fast foods, you'll find McDonalds and KFC here, through brand chains such as Hard Rock Cafe, to small locally run establishments featuring local cuisine and ethnic performances.

Here are some highlights:

On the Deck - This unique hotel restaurant located at the Iberotel Lido on the southern end of the bay is positioned out over the sea on steel legs allowing you to look down from your table into the shallow water to see the wild fish swim by. Quality and pricing are as you would expect from a 5 star hotel restaurant.

Pomadoro Italian - Not what you might expect this Italian inspired restaurant has been operating for over 10 years and serves Italian Pizza and Pasta as well as regional specialties.  Located on Malek al Bahrein next to the Camel Dive Centre it is easy to find and open for lunch and for dinner.

Dananeer Restaurant - Focusing on seafood this established restaurant offers choices of fish, crabs and other seafood's served in a variety of both international and local styles.  Steaks are just one of the alternative choices on offer for those who don't prefer seafood.  Located above the McDonalds at the northern end of the road.

Little Buddha - Located in the Tropitel Hotel at the southern end of the road this Asian inspired serves modern Asian and international specialties. Don't miss their famed range of deserts!

Tandorii - In the Camel hotel serves Indian foods

La Fleur - A French fine dining restaurant inside the Jolie Ville Resort it is rightly famous for it's fantastic food in a fabulous setting.  With both inside and outside seating it can be accessed directly from the Na'ama Bay pedestrian boardwalk.


Sightseeing and beaches

Around the peninsular lie monuments to the history of Egypt, both pharonic, Christian and Islamic. A mixture of all delights for tourist and traveller alike Na'ama Bay is a one of a kind holiday destination.

While much of the beach area is privately owned by the hotels, and gates on the road declare this, if you are a guest on any of them then you can walk freely along the whole length of the beach and of course stop in and visit restaurants and bars of the various resorts.

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